“Annadanam”, the Sanskrit word often used in the context of any food-drive across the world simply means the sharing/offering of food. Whatever ethnicity or religious background one might come from, most all faiths have re-iterated the importance of offering food to the needy in their holy scriptures. This is one such belief that cut across faiths and is a non-tangible feeling that any human being can relate to. At SSS we take “annadanam” very seriously and also both acknowledge and want to pursue a systematic approach to solving Food crisis. Again, we want to re-iterate that things such as what is an individual’s faith, color or ethnicity are not parameters we take into account. There’s only one thing that matters, is that individual in need of food and if so how can we help?

Hunger and Food crisis is omnipresent and only the intensity at which it occurs differs. We at SSS believe that our job doesn’t end at organizing and supporting food drives but that is where it starts. We envision to build a self-sustainable food-on-plate model where-in we want to create a financially viable model that lets us both persist and scale such programs.

How are we going to do this?

SSS has been working on various food drive programs, some one-offs but most of them sustainable and ongoing in nature. Doing this, we have gathered the knowledge and expertise needed to plan, fund and execute these programs.

Below are a few of the many activities we have planned, organized and executed, you can also always reach out to us at if you want to know more about our ongoing programs and would like to contribute.

Ongoing Annadanam program at Pochampalli high school, Nalgonda, India. We also closely work with the students at the school to educate and empower them and give them both the opportunity and support needed to grow into responsible individuals. (SSS is supporting Pochampalli High school since 2007)

Some of the recent Annadanam activities include:

  • Annadanam at Blind school, Nalgonda, India on Jan1st 2018.
  • Annadanam at Cherlapally village orphanage school on Jan15th 2018.
  • Annadanam at All govt school, Nakrekal,India Jan23-24 2018

One of our core values at SSS is to send help where needed, find a long-term solution to these pertaining problems and build a model that sustains itself both financially and functionally. We can't thank you enough for the contribution and support you have been providing to our organization and hope that you continue to do so.