Vedic Farming

    Vedic farming applies both the traditional and the most advanced techniques of organic farming along with Vedic Technologies of Consciousness to enliven the natural, creative intelligence responsible for plant growth. It promotes the production of food that far exceeds today’s highest standards in vitality, nutritional value and purity. We firmly believe that the food that we eat, feed or donate should contain high nutrition values, toxin-free and the crop should be raised in a stress free environment. In order to achieve this we at SSS plan to follow Shivyog's Holistic farming approach to produce high quality organic food that we can serve in our soup kitchen.


  • Improvement in live stock - Integration of cow family with the farm and phased replacement of cross breed cows with pure breed of Gir cows. This is required for Panchgavya application for soil and foliar spray on regular basis.
  • Holistic approach to production of food - The nutritional security along with food security can only be achieved by following agricultural practices which will help in harnessing the cosmic forces. 
  • The agronomic practices need to be improved following Bio-dynamic and Homa farming practices.
  • Establishment of a model organic farm for research, development, and education.
  • Disseminate the principles and methods of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture to new audiences.
  • Production and promotion of natural bio-fertilizers incorporating soil-based microorganisms, vermiculture compost, and production of non-toxic bio-pesticides.