Shraddha Saburi Samidha

Our Mission

Our Mission is to protect cows and spread the message of kindness. We believe that kindness to animals leads to kindness to humans and hence a peaceful world. We spread the message of importance of cow protection and educate people on the significance of cows in building a sustainable ecosystem for our future generations.
Ancient Indian Sanathana Dharma based on Vedic Philosophy profoundly declares human society can achieve extraordinary strength and stable collective mind (physical and spiritual) by doing Gau (Cow) Seva. Gau (Cow) also provides milk and milk products bundled with essential nutrients which help to maintain a healthy physical body. It is our primary duty and responsibility to respect and strengthen our bond by taking care of cows. We also need to treat the old and sick cows with respect as they have done their part and delivered essential life sustaining products to humanity.
We have acquired many pure breed Indian Cows (Gir) and plan to acquire 108 cows by end of 2019. We respect all cows, but consider Indian pure breed cows such as Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Rathi etc. are the best breeds among the cows. They have retained the original DNA and produce A2 milk which is highly beneficial as compared to A1 milk produced by hybrid cows.
My Cow My Support

This program is designed to provide people with opportunity to contribute for cow feed. Interested donor can sign up for Single/Recurring donation of $9 or $21 per month.

Sponsor a Cow

By adopting a cow, you are giving them the necessary care. By taking care of a cow the cow becomes a part of your family. The donor will be given privilege to choose his/her cow name. Please contact us for details.

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