Shraddha Saburi Samidha

Miracles of Cow Service (Gau Seva)


From the beginning of civilization, human race has been attaining prosperity, happiness, health, prestige and auspiciousness by serving Gaumata (Mother Cow). The Shastaras (scriptures) are full of the benefit of cow service.

The good karma that is earned by bathing at pilgrimages, by feeding the Brahmins, by keeping fasts, by doing penance, by engaging in charity, by worshipping the Lord, by circumambulating the entire globe, by studying all the Vedas and by performing all the Yagnas; people can attain this good karma by just feeding the cow.

Those who serve Gaumata with complete devotion by serving her fodder, giving her water to drink, caressing her with love and looks after the injured ones, gets whatever he wishes including an offspring, prosperity, knowledge, happiness etc.

The land where a group of cows sit and breathe in and out becomes pure and devoid of any impurities. The dust kicked up by the hooves of Gaumata (cow) destroys all sins.


It is believed that all deities, sages, and the river Ganga reside in the body of Gaumata, hence serving her means serving all deities.

Bowing down to Gaumata means attaining all four Purusharthas, namely dharma, artha, kama, moksha. Hence those who want to remain happy and contented should serve Gaumata.The sages tell that cow service is the first and the foremost dharma.If one has darshan of Gaumata before going on a journey then his journey is auspicious.Lord Vishnu also becomes happy with cow service. The devotees of Gaumata obtain Heaven easily. Touching Gaumata early in the morning after daily ablutions destroys all our sins.

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