Shraddha Saburi Samidha

Scientific Importance of Gaumata (Cow)


Gau Mutra contains potassium, sodium,nitrogen, phosphate, urea and uric acid. Burning cow dung cakes kill insects, mosquitoes.

Cow dung contains vitamin B-12 in profusion. It even absorbs radioactive rays.

Drinking Gau Mutra on empty stomach in the morning improves health.

Caressing Gaumata daily for 15 to 20 minutes can cure blood pressure.

The sattvik waves emanating from the cow cleanse the surroundings of every impurity.

The body of the cow emanates the fragrance of benzoin (guggal) naturally.

Spending time with cows and calves in the nature calms the mind.

All these facts have been corroborated by the German scientist Dr. Julishus and Dr. Book.

American scientist James Martin mixed cow dung and ocean foam and created a chemical which makes fallow land fertile. Which even makes a dry oil well full of oil again.

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