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Benefits of Desi cows

Healthy Cow milk is both Satvic (of purifying quality) and nutritious. Usually, dairy milk sold at stores contains mixtures of milk from various breeds, including buffalo milk, which is high in fat content and tamasic (of lethargic quality).
Indigenous Indian cow milk contains vitamin A2, B, D, E, K, 7 types of minerals, 21 types of Amino Acid, 22 types of salt and 24 types of enzymes in an easy digestive form. Cow dung can be used for natural farming, manure is the best fertilizer containing natural pesticides. Dried dung cakes are used as fuel for cooking in some parts of the world. Dung processed in a special container creates Biogas, which may be used to provide a sustainable source of electricity in rural areas.
Fresh cow dung can be used as a natural disinfectant and prevents mosquitoes that cause TB and malaria. Distilled cow urine (gaumutra) is a miracle medicine that can cure a broad spectrum of diseases. Cow urine also contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, carbonic acid, potash, and lactose. It contains 24 types of salt and several useful medicines can be made from cow urine.

Making our cows comfortable is our priority

Dairy Herd

The cows are the heart of the farm. The herd includes about 70 head of mixed, colorful Gir cows. Though these cows all have different characteristics, they are all usually very curious and gentle. Every Cow/Bull is given a name chosen by her/his sponsor.


From May through November our cows are intensively rotated through our pastures. Our cows are predominantly grass fed. Through the winter they are mostly in the barn being fed bales of dry hay , gram husk and mineral supplements. They also enjoy bananas and carrots from friendly visitors to the gaushala. We do not treat our animals with any hormones.


Our calves are born on the farm almost all year round (with breaks during the temperature extremes). They get colostrum and milk from their mother. During winter they are protected from the cold in a heated barn. Our calves are very friendly and love spending time with children.

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